Welcome to Canterbury College


About Us

Canterbury College was established in 2018 with the objective of widening access to British Education across international markets.

At Canterbury College, we aim to make quality education accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Canterbury College offers a Level 7 Diploma Strategic Management and Leadership leading to a UK MBA, and a Level 3 (Degree Foundation) Diploma in Business Studies leading to entry into a Bachelors Degree.

Our curriculum objectives are to offer students convenient and affordable access to a selection of Degree Foundation and Postgraduate qualifications. Our pathway programmes are an ideal solution for those who wish to specialise in Management studies, either locally or overseas. Accessible from anywhere at any time.

We Operate on a lean and agile education model that allows students and industry professionals to attend lectures in a classroom setting or via virtual interactive learning from where they live or work.

Canterbury College gives you easy access to a host of valuable resources and benefits from a faculty that has experienced industry professionals and experts in the fields they teach.


Why Choose us


We deliver exceptional teaching with a qualified panel of lecturers and provide a modular and relevant curriculum with multiple pathways accessible through flexible and affordable payment terms.

Our Mission


To be one of the sought-after and respected institutions that provide quality UK education.

Our Vision


To provide equal opportunity to anyone who wants to access high-quality education delivered by the UK education system.